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Glenn Haussman- 

Glenn Haussman hosts the No Vacancy podcast and is publisher of novacancynews.com and broadcasts live programing on LinkedIn. He also co-hosts Checking in with Anthony & Glenn, a podcast he cohosts with Travel Channel personality Anthony Melchiorri, as well as the Hotel Tech podcast, the Hotel Design Podcast and the Business of Hotels podcast. Glenn is also an in-demand public speaker, educator, custom content creator and consultant for major hotel brands, leading industry influencers and suppliers. 

Glenn is the consummate traveler, enjoying the worlds of hospitality and travel as observer, educator and guest. As a frequent moderator and speaker, his unique motivational style and viewpoint encourages people to rethink conventional thinking. The No Vacancy podcast attracts the biggest names in hospitality, including major public company CEOs and industry influencers. The show was chosen by USA Today as a “best podcast to listen to while traveling.” 

Glenn has been quoted in leading publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, MSNBC.com, CNN.com and Chicago Tribune. He’s also been in the classroom, previously serving as adjunct professor at New York University, teaching classes in Public Relations & Advertising, and Consumer Behavior.

Find Glenn on Twitter @TravelingGlenn, and like the No Vacancy pages on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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