309: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Mell Balment

309: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Mell Balment

Mell Balment-

Published author, MC, public speaker, dating Consultant, advocate & wing-girl for men.
After her divorce in 2007, hopeless romantic Mell Balment became a serial dater going on over 70 first dates. Eventually she realised she wasn’t dating duds, it was in fact her that was the problem, she had become an ‘Alpha B**ch’.
Published author Mell learnt first hand what was and wasn’t working through online dating encounters, specifically the differences between profile descriptions and reality. Additionally like many singles, Mell struggled to know where to find the RIGHT one for Love.
Her philosophy is simple “We set up imago matches to help us become the best version of ourselves. If we know that the purpose of being in a relationship is to grow and learn, then we can truly appreciate every person that shows up in our life. There are no duds, just mirrors reflecting what we need to be the best version of ourselves.”

Mell Balment was able to let go of her (masculine) strong, independent façade and now helps others to see how emasculation is occurring in today’s disconnected society creating more difficulties for men than ever.
After finding herself repeating the same messages time after time, it occurred to her that writing a book would enable the advise to get into the hands of many more, at a much more accessible price point.
It occurred to Mell that starting a Meetup group would be a great way of bringing singles together. Through that group she was able to gather the exact frustrations of today’s singles.
“Why wont they return my calls after initially showing great interest.”
“They were nothing like their profile in person.”
“Why do I keep attracting the wrong ones!?”
Along the way Mell met her business mentor Stewart Flemming who publishes the Coaching Life magazine, she really is mixing with the elite! Stewart’s mantra is that “Teachers, want you to learn; coaches, want you to win”. Mell has taken this philosophy to apply winning formulas to all of her clients.
All of this has led to the online TV channel The Point TV combined with her radio segment on Logan FM where Mell interviews coaches, experts and other professionals – as well as singles – to address their frustrations.

Mell Balment stance on online dating is a strong one. ‘Don’t date if you’re not ready to be in a relationship or can’t be authentic about why you are meeting that person.’ So many reports of frustrated on-liners have people giving up hope and belief that the right one is still out there for them.
Expectations are higher than ever resulting in more rejections, which is making resilience tricky.
Through following her own practices she met her own life partner. He admits that he knew he loved her within the first 20 minutes of talking to her, such a rare clarity these days!

Mell’s unique concept of being a wing girl to men is based upon the premise of why would a man go dating with a single male mate, when you can hire a female to provide the truth about what women really want?
With a rock solid believe that love does makes the world go round, Mell’s mission is to reqch and teach 10,00 single men the skills to date modern women successfully. She genuinely wants to help singles to connect on an authentic and honest level. So when they turn up for a first date they show us a whole authentic package rather than a slick window dressing based on what they think people want.
Through her book, programs, teachings and workshops she teaches people how to
Identify their unique qualities so they can show up authentically and confidently
Establish what their dream life would be, with or without their partner
Have the tools to take online dating into the real world, for offline dating.
With so much support available to empower women, her mission is to help the men keep up! Therefore serving all.
Mell lives with her soul mate Regan in the western suburbs of Brisbane with their 2 Burmese kittens Safka and Zaya and loves spending her evening having a giggle over a snifter of Whisky.
0404 192 682



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