1772:Eileen Head supports people to help make sense of their...)

1772:Eileen Head supports people to help make sense of their relationships

Eileen Head

Eileen Head-

Eileen Head supports people to help make sense of their relationships.

Eileen is an Enneagram Personality & Relationship Expert, Personality Pattern Coach, and Speaker. She is an International Bestselling Author of “Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?”, where she shares how after divorce she figured out the couple dynamics of what happened through Enneagram Personalities.

Eileen has been called the “Relationship Whisperer” as she assists people to create connected and loving relationships. With the Get Loved Relationship Online Program you can discover your Relationship Style so you can Be, Find and Reconnect to get the love you desire. Also with the Singles Guide to Personality Matching get insights which personality will make you the happiest.

Eileen is passionate about supporting people to find their Relationship Answers through her coaching and workshops, to “figure themselves out”, understand and relate well to others, and Become their Best Self.


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