689:Matthew Books is a storyteller whose medium is marketing

1689:Matthew Books is a storyteller whose medium is marketing

Matthew Books

Matthew Books-

Matthew Books: I’m a storyteller, my medium is marketing. My best work occurs when I combine my experience with video production and digital marketing to deliver a story to the right audience. I am also a problem solver, when dealing with the many technological breakthroughs present today, there are often challenges to overcome and I excel at dealing with those.

In the digital marketing world, I’m someone who is as interested in the story as I am in how it gets delivered and to what demographic. Once that story is delivered can I reconnect with the audience that engaged with it again? Increase my audience? Engage more? Always research, test and repeat to increase ROI.

We’re all growing at the speed of technology, our reach is constantly expanding. My question for you is, do you know how far your reach is going? How far it can go? How much return on your investment you’re likely to gain?

I can help.

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