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Sandy Yong

Sandy Yong is a seasoned Toastmaster, and author of the intriguing and informative book The Money Master: Inside Secrets On How to Make Your Money Grow and Stay Safe. She took her financial matters into her own hands when she lost money in mutual funds at a big bank. Sandy made it her business over the past decade to read dozens of personal finance and investing books. As a result, She has become a respected DIY investor with a personal online brokerage account, successfully creating a six-figure portfolio and ownership of several Canadian properties.

With her passion for personal finance, combined with her public speaking skills, she’s the author of The Money Master. Sandy proudly partners with CAMH: Centre of Addiction and Mental Health. For every book purchase, she donates $2 to assist this charity with mental health research.

As a Keynote Speaker, Sandy blends her passion for personal finance with powerful professional speaking to educate adults on financial literacy.


For a free copy of Sandy’s book, please visit www.sandyyong.com





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