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  • Matt Belair, is the host of the top-rated Matt Belair Podcast /Ep2838

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Matt Belair’s passion lies in the power of the mind, travel, and helping others. He is a successful entrepreneur, world traveller and continues to learn everything he can about himself, his potential and the power of the mind.

He has spent five weeks in Nepal meditating with Tibetan monks, trekked mount Everest, trained mixed martial arts in Thailand with professional fighters and has spent a month in China training under the strict rule of 34th generation Shaolin Kung Fu Masters, just to name a few of his accomplishments.

Matt’s passions have caused him to become an expert in the fields of marketing, persuasion, sales, advertising, mind power, self development, personal training, martial arts and total human performance. He has all of the tools, passion and desire to help you succeed in business and life.


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