1430:Yenny Stromgren is the person behind the podcast, Noosa Stories

Yenny Stromgren

Yenny Stromgren-

My name is Yenny Stromgren and I am the person behind Noosa Stories. This is my second podcast.

I started my first podcast Everyday Light Warriors when I was feeling really down two years ago and to get myself through this, I decided to do an exhibition of photos of people with natural positivism. It all got me so inspired that I decided to share some of these people’s stories and this slowly turned into the Every Day Light Warriors podcast and website, a place where I share people’s life story and self-care to inspire others. The show is now on Apple Podcast (iTunes)Stitcher and iHeart Radio and has a worldwide audience.

Noosa Stories was born by the idea of connecting people in the community through podcasting and I am excited to say that this is Noosa’s first ever community podcast! In the show I will share stories of people in the Noosa Shire of how and why they got here, what they do, challenges they faced moving to Noosa and how they have reinvented themselves to be able to stay here. I’ll also try to squeeze in some Noosa love stories:) My aim is to show people that, yes, Noosa is beautiful, but for us locals, the community make us stay.

I am also running podcast workshops in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.

If you are interested in learning how you can start podcasting, build a deeper connection with your audience, and create on a budget but still sound like a pro, please feel free to contact me.

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