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Mary Lunnen- 

Mary Lunnen lives near the dramatic coast of North Cornwall, in the far south west of the UK, with her husband and two cats. Her passion is helping people find their way home to themselves, and thus rediscover their inner wisdom. She does this through her Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards ,  a simple format with a single word and a colour, combined with her own coaching process following the points of ‘The .Compass Rose’. These powerful tools bring people back into conversation with their own truth, and to their centre point of deep peace

Mary draws inspiration from her love of the sea and countryside around her home, which she explores in photography and art. She began her own journey of coming home after a diagnosis of cancer in 1994 which sparked  reflective journalling that grew into four published books and many articles. During 2019 she was nominated in the Lifetime Achievement category of the Venus Awards Devon and Cornwall, and was one of three semi-finalists. She also travelled to New Zealand to speak at the HerStory Conference in Wellington.

Since 2003 Dare to Blossom Life Coaching has supported  individuals and business people around the world. Mary runs inspirational workshops and on-line programmes using all the skills she has acquired and focusing around creative visualisation using the theme of a ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. 


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