1926:JD GERSHBEIN is a speaker, consultant, facilitator, broadcaster,...

1926:JD GERSHBEIN is a speaker, consultant, facilitator, broadcaster, producer, writer, and self-styled “professional edutainer,



JD GERSHBEIN is a speaker, consultant, facilitator, broadcaster, producer, writer, and self-styled “professional edutainer,” who is blazing a trail as one of the most original personalities in new media. Since transitioning away from a traditional marketing practice in 2006, he has established himself as a mentor and positive role model to professionals in all walks of business who strive for excellence in The Digital Age. His multidisciplinary approach to thought leadership blends neuroscience, psychology, and the humanities, and affords his audiences with valuable insights into how personal branding drives decision making and shapes our destiny in business.

An early adopter of the social networks, JD quickly rose to prominence as a LinkedIn strategist. He was one of first in the world to offer LinkedIn profile writing as a service, provide LinkedIn training to companies, and teach social media marketing at the graduate school level. He has pioneered new modes of brand storytelling, content marketing, and community management, which comprise his THREE PILLARS OF THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. Those who retain JD will gain clarity on their professional value, develop an appealing and memorable brand, generate more economic opportunities, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in their industries and markets.

Leveraging his training in improvisational comedy at Second City, and his many years in broadcast media, JD has emerged as an eminent speaker of unquestionable authenticity. Having fashioned his own inimitable style in communicating the value of social media, he is known for staging unique, interactive learning experiences that provoke thought and catalyze action. He brings candor, humor, and emotional intelligence to his keynotes, breakouts, and as the host of his own live events and online TV show. As the social platforms continue on a path of change, JD will be there, fine-tuning his content and helping mold the next generation of thought leaders.

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