1863:Christie Lincoln is the creator of the “Your Smiling Hygienist” blog

Christie Lincoln

Christie Lincoln-

Christie Lincoln is the creator of the “Your Smiling Hygienist” blog and co-host of the MOMgienists® podcast.

When most people hear the title, “Dental Hygienist” there are several mind pictures that pop up. A few examples, “tooth cleaner”, “you don’t need a degree for that” and “fear”. Hardly does the mind think “Prevention Specialist” for the mouth and body. I want to change that or at least try. I started “Your Smiling Hygienist” to shine a light on our profession in my own style, highlighting the benefits, challenges, and tools of prevention. The MOMgienists® podcast is an offshoot of this passion combined with the joys and challenges of motherhood and friendship. My “sister from another mister” co-host, Jasmin Haley, and I have two different personalities which make for colorful conversations and a lot of laughs plus we interview some amazing mothers.
For my non-dental side creative side, I tap into my culture and make authentic Native American art and mocassins.  I also am working on a children’s book series, with my dear friend, Tiffany McCarthy, called “Sage and Elle – The Culture of Friendship”. Our first book, “N is for Nantucket” was featured at the Nantucket Book festival and can found at a few local Nantucket shops.
To get a sneak peek at my art: Instagram @native_woodland_walkers or https://www.instagram.com/native_woodland_walkers/

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