512: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Kieron Sweeney

512: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Kieron Sweeney

Kieron Sweeney-

A highly regard inspirational speaker with a very diverse range of topics. Kieron Sweeney is an international speaker, business “expert & authority” coach, author and a digital entrepreneur.

His core area of expertise is Mindset Mastery in Business & Life – he has spoken to audiences on every continent in money and mindset, sales & influence and self-empowerment.  Known for his highly engaging and interactive talks, Kieron can move an audience into action quickly and through is engaging, charismatic and witty style.  Not only is he a dynamic keynote speaker, he also leads powerful 3 and 4 day breakthrough trainings

Kieron also trains entrepreneurs on how to create a millionaire mindset and use innovative marketing techniques to grow their business and position themselves “ahead of where the money is flowing in their industry.”  Kieron has been referred to as an innovative wealth coach because he constantly finds early stage marketing strategies that can be implemented into any business.  Kieron helped one company achieve $11 million in 11 months and recently sold over $30 million dollars for one of North America’s leading training companies.

Kieron is now an aspiring digital entrepreneur and has created an online platform that educates businesses on how to create digital magazines and TV shows to significantly increase brand awareness in 156 countries.

Kieron has trained over 500,000 entrepreneurs in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and the USA.

Kieron Sweeney




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