1117:Kathleen Mckay is a mum of 6, her only daughter has full trisomy 18


Kathleen Mckay

I am a 51 year old full time stay at home mum of 6. My youngest child, my only daughter has full trisomy 18. 3 and a half years ago she had a catastrophic medical event where she lost over 3/4s of her bowel. After 6 months in hospital figuring out with the experts how to get us home since she survived I now find myself in a very unique situation. We have no one that can advise us now.
She is now almost 11 years old attend school and does most things genetics said wasn’t possible even if she lived past 1 year.  🙂
I am her major caregiver and I have found myself somewhat unwittingly an expert in both areas and I’d like to share my message. Especially the part about these children being incompatible with life therefore medical intervention is not an option. Then there is a list of reasons siting why. Usually they
I kind of arrive at this online stuff when I realized I best up skill if my daughter is here to stay and I need to create a lifestyle and income around her busy routine.
I since found marketing and branding online by way of an amazing training program and from there I realized I had a passion for writing and speaking once I dumped my fears the the dreaded voice of ego.
And so now I find myself here after doing some training to launch me onto the TEDx scene. I’m not too sure how I am going to get there but I sincerely know I will.

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