1065: Keren Natalia has a new blog (Passionately Keren)

1065: Keren Natalia has a new blog (Passionately Keren)


Keren Natalia-

Keren Natalia says It started with me surviving (and saving) a company which was under administration. After the dust has settled I moved to an orthopaedic device company where I worked as a Quality Manager. That year, I made the most life changing decision to date. I went vegan.
I did after I finished an 8 week sugar-free challenge, which was also life changing (and bloody difficult).

Going vegan have been a catalyst of so many other changes in my life because: If I could stop eating meat, egg, and dairy (which I didn’t thought I could), then what else is possible

So I scrapped my successful food blog and created a new blog from scratch promoting plantbased food and lifestyle (Passionately Keren) which now have recipes being featured on reputable sites such as SBS Food (SBS is national public television network in Australia), PETA Australia, etc. I also started a meetup and online community groups which now have over 400 members – Sydney Passion Bloggers.

Since then, I’ve started following my curiosity and dreams, including taking a year off work to travel, start a business and pursue my creative passion, which happened this year.

I went travelling to New Zealand, spent 3 months with my family in Indonesia – travelled around the Java Island, visited South Korea, and during this time I also launched a probiotic health drink (Water Kefir) in Jakarta which is now being managed by my sister and mother.

I then returned to Sydney in July 2016 and continued working on the blog and pursuing my creative passion, I dabbled a bit in videography and scored some paid gig making recipe videos, taught masterclass on blogging for new bloggers, and then I had a idea for another product in August. I launched my second product -Beyond Latte in Nov 2016 – healthy caffeine-free spicy latte blend which now in a number of cafes and health food stores across Sydney, and a few other cities in Australia.


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