894:Jacquie Nagy is the ‘Be Yourself Coach’


Jacquie Nagy-

Jacquie Nagy [pronounced Nah-gee] is the ‘Be Yourself Coach’!  She is a Professional Speaker & Member of CAPS Manitoba, a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (a.k.a. NLP) International Trainer, Adult Educator and Coach. Jacquie shares the HOW TO practical tools so people can gracefully coach themselves. Whether it’s dealing with everyday stress and pressures; wanting to improve performance; or aspiring to reach new heights, Jacquie believes the ability to coach yourself is ‘the difference that makes the difference’ in achieving success in life and business.


Jacquie Nagy is the host of NLP CAFÉ – The Art of Self-Coaching in Winnipeg, Canada where every month she shares practical NLP tools for people who like quick results. Her current series of Cafés called Authentically Speaking, teaches speakers tangible practices to integrate mind, heart and body so they can increase their charisma and on stage presence.


Jacquie Nagy is the owner of Holistic Directions Inc. (2008) which offers live NLP certification trainings to give individuals, coaches, and leaders the life changing skills ‘that no one ever shows you’ so you can live a more happy and authentic life. She is a Certified NLP Coach and the creator of Holistic Self-Coaching™ for people who want to ramp up their ability to be more confident, congruent and resilient and live their ‘dream beyond the dream’.


Jacquie’s mission is to flip the model of teaching the theoretical WHAT and WHY in the field of self-development into teaching the practical HOW TO skills so people can live more healthier and autonomous lives!


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