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Veenu Keller-

For over 17 years, Veenu Keller has worked with teens and adults to inspire them to believe in themselves and to know they always have a choice. Veenu has spent the last two decades working with at-risk teens, children with disabilities and parents of children with behavioral issues, drawing on her own experiences to coach people to aspire to want more and be more.

Veenu graduated with honors with a Bachelors in Psychology, and she was worked with a Teens in Transition program for five years. She has also completed a certification in coaching through Robbins-Madanes Training and is in the Senior Leadership Program with Tony Robbins.

She has been the guest on numerous radio programs including on I Heart Radio. Veenu has been the keynote speaker for school and teen events, and has been the headliner for the Rise Above Tour, dedicated to empowering teen women.

Veenu is a best-selling author, including her contribution to

BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid, as well as her #1 Best –Selling Book Numb.

When growing up, Veenu struggled to believe in herself and made choices that carried serious consequences, including inflicting self-harm through cutting and making a plan to commit suicide.

Today as a keynote speaker, Veenu shares her story with others to help them make better choices and become their own #1 fans. Veenu believes there is a gift in everything and shows other’s how to “find the gift.” Veenu also has a coaching program for children/teens/adults/family. She has developed a successful program called “In Home Turn Around” which helps reshape the behaviors of the family in their home, so the parents are in control not the children.

For more information, visit http://www.veenuinspires.com

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