975: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Katherine Kanaaneh


Katherine Kanaaneh-

Katherine Kanaaneh has published her first book “Autism with HEART”. Whether you are an autism parent or a parent to any child, you will learn how to retain your sanity and solve the ins and outs of daily life by:


– Organizing your autism related paperwork

– Removing mental and physical clutter

– Preventing burnout

– Establishing daily routines

– Teaching your child life skills

– Creating a system for your insurance paperwork

– Making time for you and your spouse

– And more


In this book, peppered with one autism mom’s journey, you will discover advice that will simplify your life, giving you more time for yourself.


By implementing the advice given in her Autism with HEART method, Kat found time to enjoy activities she loves: spending time with family & friends, writing, reading, wine tasting, & keeping fit. Kat hopes you will set your intention to make one positive change daily and help regain control of your life.


As seen in

The Huffington Post – “She not only tells you what absolutely needs to be done, but adds a lot of information on the resources and agencies that you can reach out to for help with sorting it all out. She provides a ton of information on discounts on important services and apps, handouts and helpful checklists. (Personally, I think this bit makes the book really stand out and it’s no surprise that it’s already hit the Best Seller list on Amazon.) The book will leave you feeling positive, hopeful, energized and a feeling that you can do it! ”


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