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  • Amy Jones has built learning steps from her experience in Real Estate for motivated people who ask, “How do I start?” /Ep 2884

Amy has built learning steps from her experience in Real Estate for motivated people who ask, “How do I start?” /Ep 2884

From 2009-2014 Amy with her business partner and father, Jeff, worked to help build one of the largest foreclosure purchasing companies in Los Angeles, California. In their final year, the company sold $77M work of real estate, employing over 50 people not including general and subcontractors, and would have up to 60 properties in active rehab at a time. They completed well over 1,000 rehabs in Los Angeles County. 

From 2015-2019 Amy and Jeff completed over 150 transactions in Colorado Springs. They established themselves as “high volume flippers” in the area, and built solid relationships in the community. 

Amy was approached many times by motivated people who attended EXPENSIVE real estate training and was asked, “How do I start?”  Amy built “http://www.learnrealestatestepbystep.com” as an answer to that question. Tired of people blowing their life savings on someone else’s motivational pitches, this system is designed to support the dreamers in building their dream. 

It is also designed to save the wishers from blowing their life savings. Real estate, like most businesses, takes hustle, dedication, hard-work, and direction. While Amy can provide the direction, the rest is up to the client. Some people are not cut out for this business, and shouldn’t find that out after spending thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in training.

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