Jodi Harrison-Lee’s mission is to Empower others to FEEL and BE safe and strong, inside and out /Ep2827

Jodi Harrison-Lee is an author, teacher, mother, and 5th degree martial arts master. She has a BA in Communication and an MA in Education. Jodi’s vision is a world where everyone is safe and respected. Her mission is to empower others to FEEL and BE safe and strong, inside and out. Her life experience, paired with over 25 years of martial arts training, helps her take others from a feeling of insecurity to one of personal strength.
Jodi and her husband, together with their three children, own and run a martial arts studio, The Martial Way, in Southern California. They enjoy empowering their community through the teachings of taekwondo and hapkido.
In addition, Jodi wrote a best selling book called “Find Your Strength,” outlining her philosophy on the topic of self-defense. She also speaks and gives workshops to women on this topic.
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