483: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Jenny Stemmerman

Jenny Stemmerman-

My 3 year history:
Jenny Stemmerman: In addition to running Your Life Rocks, I am also in charge of sales and marketing for my husband’s business. This is a recent change from my past career. Your Life Rocks is only a year old, and I have only been working for my husband for a couple of months. I made the change from my career to focus more time and energy on Your Life Rocks. Formerly, I was the Director of Sales for the Canadian market of a health and wellness company. In this role, I traveled a lot. I am not Canadian…in fact I lived in Arizona while I was in this role. I traveled 2-3 weeks a month. As you can imagine, it was difficult being a mom, and wife while traveling that much. You get really good at being intentional about your time. I held that role for 2 years and loved it. Canadians are amazing!

Prior to that I worked for a large cosmetic company managing a large geography in the western part of the US. In this role, I traveled 3-4 weeks a month. It was while I was in this role that my life got extremely out of balance. It was a dark time. I was not growing personally or spiritually. I was not a good mom and I was an even worse wife. I lived in overwhelm. After a couple of years, I was done. I finally let God come into the situation and worked hard to create boundaries around my work life and went to work on balancing it all with the rest of my life. I created systems for myself that helped be get my life into balance. Once I got there I was able to grow in all kinds of areas. I became a better mom, wife, and friend. I got my body healthy again, got my finances in order, and learned to have fun again. It was from that experience that the concept of Your Life Rocks was born. It started as an idea. Then my grandma died. When I was at my worst point of living a selfish unbalanced life, I had no time for anyone. My grandma missed out on precious years of my kids life. It hurt her and I knew it. That is when my passion grew to really help women live in greater balance. Life is short. Our lives affect a lot of people. I am on a mission to help women cut the overwhelm and truly live.

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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