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Denise Mago-

Denise Mago is a Fitness Personal Trainer certified by CANFITPRO. She also has a diploma as Computer Technician. Her journey started when she noticed all the benefits of exercising during her first pregnancy (She currently has 3 kids 14, 11 and 9 yrs old kids); when she decided to take her first course of Anatomy by AFLCA as well as Personal Trainer and Group Classes at the University of Calgary. Also certified in iFlow through BodyPrint.  During this process she got more passionate about fitness and all the benefits is when decided to take CANFITPRO PTS (Personal Trainer Specialist) certification. She is also First Aids and CPR certified plus Healthy eating and weight loss coach.

Denise Mago strongly believes in the impact that an active lifestyle can change people’s quality of life, health, and also decrease the aging process. She is very passionate about the transformation of people’s lifestyle through conscious fitness. Make it part of your daily routine, habits and possible in your schedule even during the busy days.

She has developed many interests in the last couple of years, as a young entrepreneur and is always looking to connect with likeminded people. Creating connections to influence the community to transform the trend of Health issues to a more active and healthy lifestyle. Denise also spent most of her time with her kids and supporting them in the young successes and challenges. But it is all about finding balance in life between business, family and herself as an individual.


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