920:Jennifer Thompson’s goal is to change the world through promoting love of deviant ideas



Jennifer Thompson-

Jennifer Thompson says being deviant, doesn’t just sound like fun and a little irreverent. Being Deviant will increase creativity, increase innovation, and increase profits. True innovation has no competition. Innovation is a Top 5 priority for executives and most have no idea what it means to be truly innovative. Come explore how to begin your deviant journey. Find real innovation that drives yourself and your company forward. You’ll be rewarded with actions you can take immediately. Moving your company and your life forward to be more innovative and increase engagement.

Jennifer Thompson is a little bit sassy, a whole lot of deviant, and a bunch of fun! Jennifer’s goal is to change the world through promoting love of deviant ideas. She has the firm belief that doing what you are currently doing won’t get you there – you need to be deviant.

Innovation is identified as a top priority among executives. Most have no idea how to innovate. Most hope it will magically happen? That innovation can be created by simply telling their teams to be innovative. Jennifer is here to share why being deviant doesn’t just sound like fun, it is necessary for your company to survive in the future. And how you can take steps to create an environment where innovation can thrive.

As a champion for Deviant Thinking, she spreads the word about how being deviant will positively impact the world. Her website DeviantThinking.com provokes conversation and champions innovation.

Jennifer’s experience includes being a multi-time entrepreneur and leading one of the most creative teams in America at Target Corporation.


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