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Joe Bernstein- 

Joe Bernstein: I work with Badasses. My clients have accomplished a lot in their lives. They are often successful business owners, executives in tech, top individual performers, leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. They’ve spent their lives focusing on professional success and they realize it’s time to get healthy, focus on family and love. I help them shift the focus, without sacrificing what they’ve built. 

Elite athletes have many coaches; strength, speed, mobility, mindset, to get them to perform at their best and get to the next level. I’m the guy that you hire when you want to take your personal life and career as seriously as an elite athlete.

After losing over 150 lbs, learning to thrive after a difficult divorce and leaving a successful 15-year career to start my coaching practice, I know what it takes to create powerful transformations.

Men work with me because they want someone who has been through the fire himself, continues to evolve and will help them do the same. My clients often lose weight, have better love and sex lives and often make more money in the process.

If you are 100% committed to working towards creating the level of power, love, health and well being, that you have always deserved, apply to work with me today.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
How are you doing? [00:55]
What’s going on in your world now? [01:13]
What’s life when you look back from the last 3 years in Psychology? [02:08]
What’s the best place for someone that is listening to connect with you? [03:22]
Looking at what it takes to live daily life with a great relationship, how do you envision life 30 years from now? [05:13]
Do you have any regrets when you look back a couple of years ago? [07:07]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [08:34]


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