Janet Carlson, CEO of the One Eleven Group, Creative Director for Copy
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1347:Janet Carlson is currently CEO of the One Eleven Group and serves as the Creative Director for Copy

Janet Carlson

Janet Carlson-

Janet Carlson has always been fascinated by medicine. She toyed with the idea of medical school and instead chose a more creative path that played to her strengths: science, writing, and ideation.

Janet spent eight years in Big Pharma and medical advertising on Madison Avenue in NYC, focusing on the creation of new programs for healthcare professionals. She then realized she was born to be an entrepreneur, after working with serial entrepreneur Christopher Whittle at the Medical News Network. Bringing her medical background together with her entrepreneurial spirit, Janet founded one of the first digital advertising agencies, One Eleven Interactive, which focused on healthcare, specifically targeting healthcare professionals. 

Janet is currently CEO of the One Eleven Group and serves as the Creative Director for Copy. Not only does she get to lead the agency, she interacts daily with other CEOs and senior level leaders in healthcare, helping them focus on their business and patient outcome goals while delivering their marketing messages (via digital and traditional means) to healthcare professionals and consumers. And yes, she is living her dream.

The One Eleven Group is a full-service marketing, advertising, and PR agency. Healthcare is our main area of focus and, currently, 80% of our clients are in the healthcare arena. We are working with hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, physician practices, healthcare start-ups and nutraceutical companies, as well as health economic/outcomes and health insurance companies. We have also worked with 13 of the 15 top pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare has been the focus of our business for the past 22 years, while twenty percent of our clients are in other fields, including the arts, restaurants, craft beverages, education, non-profts, interesting start-ups and tourism.

Please visit us at http://www.oneeleven-group.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OEGCraft or on Instagram at oneeleven_group. 


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