1814:Germano Veri is an engineer permanently employed in company training and management consulting

Germano Veri-

Germano Veri: An engineer permanently employed in company training and management consulting. I have dealt with it for over 10 years in various markets (automotive and ICT above all), both in local and multinational contexts, supporting 
companies in analyzing their needs, supporting them in organizational development plans, collaborating in 
competitive repositioning programs. The passion for the business world, its human capital and IT, led me to the 
birth of IMPROOVO: let's try together to unleash the potential of digital in the world of human resources. 

∞ WHO IS IMPROOVO? – IMPROOVO is the web platform in which supply and demand for business training meet, designed to facilitate the task of those in charge of training employees. Through IMPROOVOthe company obtains, by publishing its training needs/objectives, the proposals from the trainers interested in applying as a supplier. After receiving and evaluating (without commitment) the training proposals in terms of program, CV, price, previous feedback, etc., can choose the most suitable provider in total awareness. It’s free.

  ∞ CHOOSE IMPROOVO FOR ∞ ✔ have more choice alternatives and more information on trainers ✔ invest 
less time in identifying the most suitable supplier ✔ stop paying the expensive (albeit invisible) brokerage of 
traditional training dealers    


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