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Amy Honey-

Your first wealth is health. I bring the fun back into fitness, and everything I do. It is my mission to transform lives through the five elements of health. Exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and emotional environment. Emotional environment is the missing key to most people’s health, and that can include everything around them. I get people emotionally connected to why they want the things they want, and this helps them to make the decision to get out of their comfort zone, and really make the big changes they need to make. I am the author of the upcoming book ‘You Did Marry Prince Charming, You Just Haven’t Trained Him Yet – A Husband Behavior Modication Manual’. And also co-creator of the Honey Dare corporate wellness program. I am an extreme weight loss expert, nationally certified personal trainer, and fitness professional.

Listen another #12minconvo

Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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