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Tanya Obeng

Tanya The Communication Doctor

After working ten years as a drama teacher I experienced a full-scale burnout. Looking back it’s clear that I was showing signs of the burnout for a long time, but continued working to deadlines. I was a workaholic, a perfectionist and I always took my work home. I dedicated my life to my work and some might say this is the way to be.

While I was on maternity leave expecting my first child, I realised that I needed to create a balanced work life, before returning to work. In my mind the only way to achieve this was to set up my own company. I created my dream company Lifted and Gifted Education, this is an educational company that provides performing arts workshops with a difference. A company that empowers young people to believe in their dreams. This was a big step and a risk but I believed in my dream and moved forward with my idea.

Ten years later, the business is evolving but I still wanted more, so I set up a consultancy to support professionals like myself  who may have experienced the burnout, but are unaware. I focus on supporting professionals return to work with confidence. Over the years I have experienced anxiety, grief and major life changes which lead me to study the burnout. I wanted to understand the process and find solutions that would help manage the burnout. I am a certified coach and drama teacher, body language expert and mindset coach. Using my skillset I wanted to create positive change in the workplace and support professionals who feel overwhelmed and have lost a sense of self.

I have a daily routine that involves practicing mindfulness,  growth mindset and meditation as well as working with my clients. I believe self development is an ongoing process so I dedicate my time to my practice. I call myself Tanya the communication doctor www.communiationdoctor.co.uk because I am a master at helping my clients create positive communication and regain their confidence.

Aspire to be inspired in everything that you do

Tanya The Communication Doctor

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