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DrStem is a Confidence Coach, Therapist, Author of more than 30 books and Speaker whose sole purpose and passion is to Encourage, Motivate and Empower  others to be the best version of themselves by boosting self confidence 

Being Confident and massively successful is the ultimate goal.

I recently co-authored an incredible brand new book “The Successful Mindset” coordinated by my good friend Erik Severson. It is a collaboration of 33 brilliant coaches, and entrepreneurs who write about developing a successful mindset from proven  Different angles and perspectives. 

My chapter is titled:

Unshakable Self Confidence- The key mindset to a Successful and Happy Life

Being an immigrant from Zimbabwe to the USA in 1985 it was left me with no choice but to believe in what God says in Jeremiah 29:11 where he says he knows the plans he has for me, plans to prosper me not to harm me …before I was born.  Being Confident Free and Fearless is my only job…Faith  not Fear”

Knowing that was my first step to knowing myself and gaining even more confidence. 

Jeremiah 29:11 

There are three C’s that Help guide my confidence coaching when I am excited help others boost their confidence and excel in life and business 

The 3 Cs

Commitment – Conviction a no matter what attitude that allows you to take a leap of faith and really commit to what you want to achieve—no matter what. It doesn’t matter how many tries or how many times you try 

Courage – the faith to commit yourself without having any proof that what you’re going after is going to pay


Credibility is preparedness and action. It saying what you mean and meaning what you say. 

Credibility means Increasing your knowledge, learn learn learn.  Knowledge is power. When you know more you are more credible, more valuable and worth more. With credibility is becomes easier for everything to flow easily into your life, increase in every aspect,abundance, joy peace and happiness 

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