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Seema Alexander-

Seema Alexander is a Business & Personal Brand building expert and podcast co-host, helping entrepreneurs who want to leave a legacy and make their mark on this world.

As a former corporate director for a Fortune 500 company responsible for brand and marketing strategy for several million dollar businesses, she has the unique ability to seeing the potential in any brand, creating the roadmap to get there, and helping execute through every stage of the journey.

She has been coined by many of her clients, as their “strategic partner without the equity.”

She is also the founder of http://www.TheTransitionLab.com (a 9-week business building program for anyone moving from corporate / 9-5 to entrepreneurship) and the Life After Corporate Mastermind Facebook Group.

Seema lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and 2 children Sareena and Raina. She loves dancing to 90s hips hop and is still humbled by having had the opportunity to ring the Nasdaq closing bell when she was recognized as one of the top rising stars in marketing by JFAM a few years ago.

You can find her at seemaalexander.com

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lifeaftercorporatemastermind/

Podcast: http://www.makingmovespodcast.com/

Social: @seemaalexander IG, Twitter

Facebook: SeemaAlexanderTV

Listen another #12minconvo
Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas


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