1706:Dr Lars Dingman is a World Renowned Top 10 “iTunes Psychic,”

1706:Dr Lars Dingman is a World Renowned Top 10 “iTunes Psychic,”

Dr. Lars Dingman-

Dr. Lars Dingman, World Renowned Top 10 “iTunes Psychic,” can foretell a subject’s future simply by knowing the LAST THREE SONGS RANDOMLY PLAYED by the person’s digital music player.

Dr. Dingman has performed his insightful, intentionally humorous, shows at Universities and Institutes around world, and broadcast his popular podcast from iconic clubs including; The Improv, The Laugh Factory, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Comedy Shrine.

Using previously unknown psychic methods – purportedly gleaned from Tesla’s ‘lost’ personal journals – Dr. Dingman is able to decipher the sentient UNIVERSE’s advice for each of his subjects, merely by interpreting the meanings of the last three song titles the subject randomly heard. His gift is broadcast weekly on his Top 20 iTunes comedy podcast “Psychic Circus” and Wednesday shows on WGN Radio.

Unlike other celebrity psychics, Dr. Dingman steadfastly refuses payment for his psychic readings, asking instead his clients contribute what they’re able to their favorite charity. “What do I need money for?” chirps the cantankerous seer. “My gifts have provided all I needed to ensure my financial wellbeing. Now it’s my duty to share my gifts with the world!”

Not surprisingly, Hollywood bought in. A comedic realty TV series starring Dr. Dingman and his friends/staff is being made with InVelop Entertainment for 1Q 2018.

Dr. Dingman tours regularly, performing his Top 10 iTunes Comedy Podcast LIVE from comedy clubs and iconic venues. A psychic in a comedy club?

“Funny? Listen to the shows, then you tell me. The future is Hilarious, and I get to see it first!  If I had told you 20 years ago that a guy would prefer to stare at a computer screen than to grope a flesh and blood woman, you’d laugh your ass off,” he explains.  “The future wins, the best we can do is hang on and enjoy the ride.”

“Sound… energy… matter — it’s all Vibration. SOUND is VIBRATION,” Dr. Dingman explained in a recent HuffPost interview. “According to Tesla, all the objects we handle daily, pick up the unique “energy Imprint” of their owner.”

“By randomly hearing songs, you allow the UNIVERSE to “select” your songs for you, bringing you and your object into harmonic alignment, thereby creating an energetic connection between the inanimate object and the very animate person. This allows the UNIVERSE – which is alive and sentient, to communicate directly with people all over the globe.”

“The great Nikola Tesla made his discovery during the war. It’s detailed in his personal notebooks, which disappeared when he died less than a year later, in 1943. The FBI raided the New Yorker Hotel and confiscated ALL his papers, so Tesla’s greatest discovery never saw the light of day.” Until now.

In June 2006, a “Deep Throat” within the Bureau leaked a Xerox copy of Tesla’s notebook to Dr. Dingman via an anonymous mail drop wrapped in a brown Safeway supermarket bag. That one package changed the world.

“Tesla’s formulas prove that randomization is the key,” explains Dingman.  “By allowing the UNIVERSE – via the energetic transfer of vibrating electrons in the song-playing machine– to select the songs you will hear, we open an actual dialogue with the UNIVERSE itself. The song titles paint pictures and movies in my head, I describe what I see to the subjects, and together we decode what each song – sequence of vibrations – means about their future.  Simple.”

“Tesla himself saw this future prior to his death.  In fact, the final entry in his notebook read, ‘U budućnosti’ bellman “će čuti budućnost.’ Translated from his native Croatian, the phrase reads ‘In the future, a bellman will hear the future,’ explains Dr. Dingman.  The FBI assumed Tesla was talking about a worker in the hotel where he lived, a concierge or bellman. But they were wrong. He was talking about ME, Dr. Lars DINGMAN… and now, the future is here. Actually, it just passed. It’s the past now, but you know what I mean…”

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