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Kyle Wagner-

Kyle Wagner is the former of Futures Academy Coordinator at the International School of Beijing and an educational consultant for innovative schools around the world.

He is absolutely obsessed with leading change in schools around innovative programs and teaming structures that have the greatest impact on student learning. His experience includes:


  • Four years as a project- based learning leader at High Tech High
  • A M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership
  • Three years program coordination and development of Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing (find out more below)
  • Author of the book ‘Power of Simple,’ (find out more below) which provides school leaders and teachers simple strategies for school transformation and to improve student learning
  • Interdisciplinary Team Leadership at High Tech High and Futures Academy
  • Twelve years Humanities teaching experience at the Middle School Level


High Tech High: High tech high is one of the most innovative schools in the world and has been featured in films like “Most Likely to Succeed,” and endorsed by innovators such as Bill Gates and Qualcomm. It is a wall- to- wall project- based school that uses real world projects to connect students to the real world.


Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing: This innovative ‘school within a school’ used a team of facilitators to deliver interdisciplinary projects and personalized learning; connecting students to their passions and the real world. Kyle Wagner was the program’s co- founder and coordinator. In only three years it grew from 24 to 80 students, serving students from grades 7-8.


The ‘Power of Simple’: Transform your school by conquering standards, individualizing learning and creating a community of innovators:


This book details Kyle’s experience in creating Futures Academy and provides school leaders with simple strategies to lead their own school transformation. The book is already being used by several charter, international and independent schools to help guide their own transformation. The book has been well reviewed by some of the leading voices for change management.

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