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#12minconvos podcast with Engel Jones Day 7

The Goal 

1001 #12minconvos in 12 weeks starting from January 12th to April 2019 , with AMAZING people from all over the world.

How was Day 7?

Day 7 started at 5:12am on Friday 18th of January 2019. Amanda was the saviour on this morning again. Small secret: There is a Netflix series that we are hooked on. Instead of going to bed we got caught up looking at that. Thankfully she woke me up in time and Naomi was still online.

Naomi Mellor is located in England. She is host of Smashing The Ceiling podcast where the theme is to tell inspiring stories of interesting women with unusual careers.. Naomi is also an Equine vet (animal doctor who provide medical care for horses). She is a kind coversationalist with a great voice. Her favorite phrase is "I can do it". More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2049 when released. Sneek Peek -Her favourite song at 12 can be listened to here. It's the first time I have heard this song and I love it Naomi. 

For me then off to work and the children off to school. When I returned home I took a power nap to prepare for the upcoming #12minconvos of the evening. Usually Friday's is reserved for family. For this #12minconvos podcast goal I was considering sacrificing this but I have changed my mind. The children weren't to thrill about me not being there with them. 

Who did you connect with on the evening?

Five more AMAZING #12minconvos !!! !!!! !!!!

1) Jamie Irvine, Host of the Build a Better Business Podcast | B2B Sales Professional |. Jamie is located in Alberta, Canada. It was interesting how much introspection Jamie has done. He seems to have not only been strategic with his decisions but backed it up with the work that was necessary. More to come on his #12minconvos podcast #2050 when released. Jamie didn't have a favorite song at 12 years old.

2) Amie Pederson helps to empower women and moms. She says "women are meant for more than wiping boogers and folding laundry". She is located in San Diego, California. Amie, keeps moving forward. Amie did 13 years in powerline construction. If you do not know what is a lineman is, go check it out. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2051 when released. Sneek Peek -Her favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

3) Alicia Roisman Ismach, Serial Fintech Entrepreneur - Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Technology Committee member. Alicia is located in Moncton, Canada. Her strengths are kindness and innovation. She says this is important for a better world. I agree with you Alicia. Alicia is helping make platforms for financial services better and optomizing it. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2052 when released. Her favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

4) Adrienne Garland, Executive Marketing Consultant | Conference Producer | Women’s Entrepreneurship & Leadership Expert. She is located in Long Island, New York. Her answer to my question about which of her talents is responsible for us connecting was priceless. Her company She Leads Media is a New York metro area media company, dedicated to providing actionable content for women freelancers, entrepreneurs and leaders. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2053 when released. Sneek Peek -Her favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

5) Andrea Thomas, moved from Architect to CEO of ScratchMeNot shortly after her daughter was born. Andrea's goal was to give her daughter relief from her painful scratching while researching what was causing the itch. She designed and created the ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeve for children ages newborn to 6+ years old. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2054 when released. She did not remember her favorite song when she was 12 years old.

What was your biggest takeaway? 

A's. The last four women I interviewed all had names that begun with A on this Day 7.

The name of our company is Amazel Enterprise. The picture below provides more details to the connection.

If you missed Day 6, click HERE!

Amazel Enterprise We give hope

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