69: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins-

Referred as an “empowering communicator who educates audiences on how to heal from their past, grow where they are planted, then go out to help others do the same” Stephen Scoggins equips and empowers listeners by pulling from his own past of struggling through abuse, addiction, rejection, homeless, hopeless, and instead of nearly leaping to suicide to stepping in a different direction. Audiences across the globe are learning how to use the tools already in front of them for use in overcoming their past then building a prosperous life. Except they wont need to dig through trash dumpsters to begin as Stephen did. As author of the best selling book Journey Principles: 10 Simple Principles for a Life Journey that Matters, Stephen walks readers through learned principles vital to living a healthy, peaceful and flourishing life broken free from darkness and full of true happiness.


Stephen is pouring his life into empowering others to use their personal journey and faith based principles to transform past failures into building a new foundation of sincere joy, peace and happiness. He reignites each person’s passion for life and purpose helping them pursue a bright future. Stephen’s aesthetically inspiring translation of his heart twisting experiences into empowering speeches has drawn international attention. His dynamic “edge of your seat” delivery has given Stephen the honor to share his message with organizations such as United States Air Force, USO of North Carolina, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Step Up Ministries, WNCN News Station (NBC affiliate) and many radio shows, podcast and churches. Stephen is also a member of the John Maxwell Coaching team and a recipient of Dave Ramsey’s “Momentum Theorem” award.


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