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David Quick on #12minconvos podcast with Engel Jones

David Quick-

David Quick is the go-to speaker, executive coach, and Vistage Chair expert helping business owners and CEOs learn how to work fewer hours, be significantly more successful, and build stronger professional relationships. David is a true “recovering Bull,” having worked over 20 years with companies like Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche Diagnostics. As the owner of Helping Bulls Thrive in China Shops, David has impacted over 300 CEOs nationwide, been featured on TEDx, and is a regular presenter at Vistage meetings.

Ask the big question, “Do you have the right people in the right seats?” The answer may surprise you! David will take a deep dive into employee performance, help your organization understand the ideal traits needed for each new hire, better understand your current organizational gaps, and get more top performers into your organization.

David truly enjoys helping business leaders thrive, their companies thrive and helping make his small corner of the world a better place.

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Engel Jones

I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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