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Mark Struczewski- 

Mark Struczewski : I am a speaker, coach, podcaster and the author of How to REALLY Be Productive. But you can call me Ski (skee). That’s a nickname and what I prefer.

Fun fact: I am the one and only Mark Struczewski in the entire world. How cool is that?

Now, before I go on, let me address my last name. I know it’s not an easy name but it is pronounced Stru Chess Skee. See? That’s not so bad.

I have been married to Michelle (@MrsSki2003), for sixteen years. I have two daughters from a previous marriage. We live in Houston, Texas. I am unashamedly a believer in Jesus Christ and attend my church weekly. In my life, it is Jesus first, my beautiful bride Michelle second, followed by my family and everyone else.

I enjoy running, reading, interviewing folks for my podcast and hanging out with my wife.

I am learning to speak español. For some, like my wife, learning a new language is like how a duck takes to water: naturally. For me…it’s more of a work in progress. But I am enjoying the process.


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