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Brian Benson-

In 2008, Brian Benson followed a hunch and left his family’s golf center business, stepping into the unknown. Ever since, inspiration has followed.

Letting intuition be his guide, he began to step out of his comfort zone and unexpected paths and talents started to emerge such as writing, acting, and crafting stories.  Tapping into this emerging creativity, Brian began his own hero’s journey of self-realization and growth, which continues to influence his empowering and inspiring books, films, and presentations.


Award-Winning Author

Brian is the award-winning author of Brian’s List – 26 1/2 Easy To Use Ideas on How to Live A Fun, Balanced, and Healthy Life!  This book won a Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Self-Help category.

He also wrote Finding Your Voice, which was an award-winning Finalist in both the USA Book News and the Indie Excellence Book Awards.

His first children’s book, Steve The Alien, will be released on November 1st, 2016.


Inspirational Speaker

Brian is an inspiring TEDx motivational speaker whose passion for helping others comes out in his empowering and heartfelt message.  His talks focus on trusting intuition, stepping out of our comfort zones, and achieving success.

Brian Benson walks his talk and happily shares his journey and personal stories in hopes of authentically inspiring others.  Whether it’s a personalized talk, presentation, discussion of his work, or a workshop, Brian’s goal is to be of service, facilitate growth and share his experiences.  Learn more at his Speaker page.  Book Brian today!



In addition to writing, speaking, and acting, Brian enjoys creating his own projects that carry inspiring, thought-provoking, and heartfelt messages. His most recent project was the short film Searching for Happiness, which can be watched on this website as well as YouTube. The story focuses on an unhappy man, alone and unloved, who struggles to find meaning in his black and white reality. Over the course of a day, he learns that it is through kindness and our connection to others that we find true happiness.

In 2011, Brian created the award-winning Guitar Man, a movie project that he wrote, produced, and acted in that was filmed in downtown Reno, Nevada. Brian created the movie with the idea of sharing the messages that we all have a lot in common, and that our true gifts reside within ourselves.  Guitar Man was well received. It was accepted to 11 movie festivals and was a winner at the Love Unlimited Film and Art Festival.


Reawaken Media

Brian Benson loves to create and share inspiring, positive, and thought-provoking media and recently founded Reawaken Media with this in mind.  He will be releasing all of his work under the Reawaken Media brand and establish it as a name to trust in books, film, and video.

Reawaken Media’s mission is to create conscious, inspiring, and thought-provoking content designed to powerfully wake the world up through the written, visual, and spoken word.



In addition to acting in his own productions, Brian has been in numerous TV shows, feature films, and commercials.  Brian can be seen this winter in the brand new TV series Sangra Negra starring Erik Estrada, Eric Roberts and Anthony McKay.  Brian also had the pleasure of being in Prince EA’s inspiring video I Am Not Black, You Are Not White which has garnered over 100 million views worldwide.




After a knee injury sidelined him in college, Brian used the rehabilitation process to strengthen his body and set a goal to race in a mini-triathlon when his knee healed.  After finishing that first race in 1987, Brian was hooked, and he continued to race periodically over the course of the next 20 years. He finished over 50 triathlons including 4 Ironman distance races (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run).  A couple of Brian’s favorite races were Ironman Canada in 1989 (his first Ironman) and the 2005 Vineman Ironman race (where his son Michael was able to run across the finish line with him).



Brian wasn’t satisfied with just riding his bike to school as a kid…he had to take it to a whole different level and ride it across the United States!  Brian accomplished a life-long goal of riding his bicycle across America when he joined a group of fellow philanthropic bicyclists to raise money for charity and rode from Seattle to Washington D.C. in 1996.  The trip was one of the highlights of Brian’s life.  Brian has written stories about some of his triathlon and cycling experiences in his blogs and book Finding Your Voice. 


Coming Soon

Brian is currently writing an untitled memoir, two scripts with his screenwriting partner Susannah Rose Woods, and his second children’s book.  He is also co-producing the upcoming documentary EGO – Edging God Out produced by Inner Motion Films. Brian loves to collaborate with creative and like-minded people.  Feel free to contact Brian if you would like to discuss your project.



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