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Baila Lazarus-

 Baila Lazarus : I’m an award-winning writer and editor providing training for businesses wanting free media coverage. Drawing on 20+ years of media experience, I show business owners how to leverage their unique knowledge and experience to get coverage as thought leaders in their fields.

In 2013 I got the idea of helping small businesses when I was working as a managing editor at Glacier Media. I received one pitch from an entrepreneur that was really poorly written, I felt so bad for him. But I knew he couldn’t afford the $5,000 a month to hire a professional PR company.

I realized there were a lot of people like him and I decided to create some course material to teach small-business operators how to do their own PR. I told this guy that I would completely rewrite his press release for him if he would let me use his original email in my course as an example of what not to do. He agreed and even came to one of my seminars. We had a good laugh when his original press release came up on screen and he realized how bad it really was.”


Since that time, I’ve created many seminars and I coach one-on-one. I can draw on my years as an editor an producer to teach things even professional PR companies don’t know. I love it when I get emails from clients telling me they’ve just gotten a response from media and they can’t believe how easy it was.

I want to show people that when the marketing budget is minimal and it can take as little as half an hour to write your media pitch, why not take advantage of all the marketing efforts the media has already done to get the publicity you want? It’s so much easier than people think.


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