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Annabel Melnyk-

“Annabel Melnyk is a marketing mentor and strategist.

After spending 20+ years doing marketing, corporate communications and strategic planning in industries ranging from publishing, to investor relations, manufacturing and high tech, she now focuses her efforts on working primarily online with women entrepreneurs.

She uses her ability to demystify and simplify marketing to help them create fiercely authentic brands, master their messaging and translate their ideas and inspirations into tangible programs and products for their businesses.

Annabel’s clients are drawn to her respectful, soft-spoken, intuitive approach, and are often surprised to discover the ferocious advocate that lies beneath the surface.

She believes that women entrepreneurs have the power to use their businesses as a platform to help make this a more peaceful, loving, just and healthy planet for us all.

Her idealist mission in business, is to be the wind beneath her clients wings, so they can fulfill their mission and generate ripples of change in the world.

However, her idealism is grounded with a healthy dose of actionable planning and the intention that her clients have more fun, enjoy a greater impact and increase their income while they’re at it. ”

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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