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Ben Abbott

Ben Abbott started his corporate career in training and consultancy with UK businesses for Dale Carnegie and continuously grew in his consultancy role for some of the biggest Tech companies in the world.

Launching his own Voice Marketing agency in January 2018 Ben has continued to grow his brand across many platforms after seeing a large gap in the market in the UK for agencies with an emphasis on voice technologies.

With Ben at the head of the business, Maximum Media has grown over the past year to work across many industries with a number of clients to increase their engagement across all social platforms as well as increasing their ranking on Voice Search devices, including the Amazon Alexa.

Starting the successful Kent Business podcast aimed specifically at businesses in Kent (a county in the South East of England) has allowed Ben to help businesses in the area become more human in their marketing activity.

This begun the podcast revolution in the area, challenging normal networking methods with a more relaxed approach that allows him to bring out the best in every guest, resulting in fast growth for the podcast in such a niche market.

As a professional speaker, Ben uses his background as a Dale Carnegie trainer to motivate changes in their business habits and help business owners interact and embrace the new wave of technology in their businesses. 

Ben has spoken at a number of events across the UK including being booked to speak alongside Microsoft regarding business technologies at the first ever Tech Expo in the South East of England.

Ben has also been a guest on a number of radio shows and podcasts to discuss his business journey and his beliefs on Voice Technology.

His enthusiasm and insight into the current marketplace allow him to achieve the maximum return on investment for his clients, using a consultative process to guide businesses to utilize voice technologies and increase engagement in their marketing strategy. 

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