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#12minconvos podcast journal of Engel Jones

The Goal 

1001 #12minconvos in 12 weeks starting from January 12th to April 2019 , with AMAZING people from all over the world.

How was Day 5?

Day 5 started at 5:00am afer going to sleep the night before at around 1 am. Thankfully when I got home from work the previous day I took an hour nap.

My first #12minconvo started on the button at 5:15 am with Kerstin Cable who is located in Kent, United Kingdom. She is the host of The Fluent podcast. She helps people learn languages. She's fluent in German and English. She speaks French, Welsh and many other languages that she says she is ok at like Spanish, Italian, and Russian. Kerstin is someone I enjoyed speaking with. There's an ease of conversation with her. She also offered to give me a tour if I visit her area. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2041 when released. Sneek Peek -Her favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

Off to work and the children off to school. When I returned home I took a power nap to prepare for the upcoming #12minconvos. 

Who did you connect with on the evening?

Three more AMAZING #12minconvos !!! !!!! !!!!

1) Sterling Snow, Senior Vice President of Revenue at Divvy Inc. He is located in Provo, Utah. Sterling is helping companies grow through marketing efforts. Revenue growth is a HUGE topic in business. Sterling obviously could not go to the depths that this topic carries you to however we can all agree that in business this is a conversation we all need to have often. More to come on his #12minconvos podcast #2046 when released. Sneek Peek -His favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

2) John Hawley, The human behaviour specialist. Husband - father - coach. Corporate workshop facilitator, Lead & Co-Creator of the illuminate Thinkshop Series. He is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. John loves the art of conversation, I could tell from the start. More to come on his #12minconvos podcast #2047 when released.

3) Roe Couture DeSaro, Influencing Women to Be Leaders. She is a TEDx Speaker on Conversational cocktails. She is located in Central New Jersey.  Roe said something I love and live by. She said, "We need to ask questions to which we do not know the answers to". More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2048 when released. Sneek Peek -Her favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

What was your biggest takeaway? 

The power of TRUST.

If you missed Day 4, click HERE!

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Engel Jones

I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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