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Wendy Yost-

Wendy  Yost helps individuals and organizations grow through change and generate desired results. With a Master’s Degree in Leadership, multiple coaching certifications and a vast list of speaking topics, Wendy illuminates spiritual principles in ways that leave people inspired to take action. A recent example includes her 2016 TEDx Talk on Learning to Listen to Your Life, So You Can Lead it. As a published writer, Wendy contributed the chapter Marketing Your Coaching Services to Local Universities for The Coaching Code (2016) by Betsy Chasse and serves as a Featured Author for http://simplereminders.com/, imparting life lessons through stories for the community’s seven million+ subscribers. In addition to running her business, Wendy also teaches classes part time at a local university, one of which, her leadership class, was voted Best Class on Campus. Since 2015


Wendy Yost has been leading events every New and Full Moon at a local Spiritual Center, weaving her love of nature and ritual with new takes on ancient teachings surrounding receptivity and releasing. A common thread through all of what she does is the desire to help others reveal what’s wanting surface, and heal what’s ready to be healed. Wendy lives in Lake Balboa with her rescue kitty, Christofur. Three things that put a smile on Wendy’s face include: The laughter of family and friends; travel that includes oceans, forests or deserts and seeing someone extend kindness to another.

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