837:Tonya Farrens is the producer and tour director of the compassion movement called, The Good Spirits Tour


Tonya Farrens-

Tonya Farrens is the producer and tour director of the compassion movement called, The Good Spirits Tour. The tour is designed to seek, serve and celebrate extraordinary individuals and organizations going above and beyond to make other’s lives happier, healthier and safer. Tonya created The Good Spirits Tour in order to honor the multiple volunteers and counselors, that came to her aid after losing her father to suicide in 2015. “When I recognized that the people that were giving me so much of their time, love and expertise were all volunteers, it really warmed my heart. I knew they had my back but couldn’t help but wonder who had theirs”, said Tonya. The Good Spirits Tour travels nationwide performing acts of kindness as well as offering gifts, meals, spa days and entertainment to volunteers and veterans.

Prior to embarking on a national goodwill tour, Tonya spent the past 20+ years in Las Vegas managing entertainers, working for Cirque du Soleil, producing special events and running her artisan shaved ice company, Shivver’s Bar and Chill. Tonya has just recently relocated to Austin, Texas to continue building her company as well as expanding The Good Spirits Tour.

Tonya is known in her circles as the “positive one”. She has overcome immense tragedies, including beating ovarian cancer in 1996 and she gives full credit to her optimism. Tonya is a firm believer in the law of attraction and being cautious of where your energy goes. She has designed both her company and tour to promote reverence for life, above all else. It is her way of helping edge out the dramatic rise of depression, fear and anxiety in our culture.

You can learn more about The Good Spirits Tour at http://www.goodspiritstour.com

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