892:Joy Passey helps Entrepreneurs worldwide grow their business


Joy Passey-

Joy Passey says, in 2014, I finished a Master of Arts degree in Educational Theatre and an Organizational & Executive Coaching Certificate from New York University. I started my business, JOY Prosperity Coaching, the same year. My company helps Entrepreneurs worldwide grow their business by getting them clear of their goal and then co-creating strategies to achieve it. Depending upon the Entrepreneur’s needs, we either create customized Growth Plans for them, or they can join a group program via in-person, phone, or internet. I produce online informational telesummits too. In NYC, I facilitate in-person interactive workshops for Entrepreneurs, and perform improve around the city as well. I will be producing larger live coaching events in the near future, have a podcast, and TV show too. Many new opportunities are happening next year!


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