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Tandy Gutierrez-

TANDY GUTIERREZ is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost Pilates and fitness experts with workouts featured in SEVENTEEN, SELF, and ELLE Magazine and celebrity clients such as Sendhil Ramamurthy of USA Network’s Covert Affairs and NBC’s Heroes, Lucy Hale from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and Emmanuelle Chriqui from HBO’s Entourage. Tandy’s client list also includes professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and the Iron Man Competition.

Tandy has appeared in workouts for ExerciseTV, on-demand via cable providers nation-wide and online. In addition to her Pilates mat and full apparatus education, she has a diverse movement background with an NSCA CPT, martial arts, yoga and cardio background that she draws from in order to create fun and balanced workouts. She has a BFA in Theatre and Dance from Stephens College, 15 years in the fitness industry and 19 years #onthemat.

Her tenure as the first Regional Pilates Manager for EQUINOX in Southern California allowed her to shape programming for the country’s hottest fitness clubs and share her flavor of Pilates with hundreds of members and fellow instructors.

Tandy is a mother of two young boys, step-mom to a third son, wife and momprenuer.


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