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Jordan Youngblade Pendleton

Jordan Youngblade Pendleton is a workshop and community facilitator for RevenueTribe. She is passionate about creating a world where everyone is free to be who they truly are so that they can enjoy the process of life alongside the people they love most! Jordan does this by inspiring others to have the confidence to know and own who they are by focusing on what is most important to them, identifying what it is going to take to get there, and by challenging their perception of what they ever thought was possible. She loves working with and bringing together rising Millennial leaders to do more together than they ever could apart!

Jordan also loves spending time with her husband, Zach, their 2 dogs, and their families in Denver where they live. Jordan and Zach are huge outdoor enthusiasts – snowboarding, skiing, hiking, cycling, competing in triathlons, and pushing their physical, mental, and emotional boundaries any chance they get!

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