412: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Sherry Savage

Sherry Savage-

Sherry Savage: My husband and I moved from KY to Pittsburgh, PA. I left the University of KY and pursued my dream of becoming a writer as he found his dream job in PA.

I have spent the last 5 years working on a fiction novel series, “Lydia’s League of Angels.” I published book 1 in the 5 novel series this year and plan to publish book 2 by December. The ultimate goal is to turn the series into movies because I am writing “fiction with a purpose.” These stories need to reach the masses for a very important cause!

I spent 25 years as a social justice advocate for women and children and although small strides were made, all statistics show, the value of women and children is decreasing. Sex crimes are increasing, there is no justice for the criminals, sex trafficking is a billion dollar industry and the internet is putting all women and children at a much higher risk daily.

My book sheds light on a dark subject. I wanted to write a romantic, thriller, laced with history and fantasy, so ages 16 to 100 would be drawn to read it. While being entertained, they can learn lessons regarding the female gender and I believe will become advocates for what needs to occur.

My life is consumed with this series other than my husband bought us a 32 ft cabin cruiser to keep on the lake in KY, because that is where two of our adult children live. I am blessed as I visit family and write from our boat spring through late fall.

I am dedicating the rest of my career to changing laws and increasing the value of women through fiction that reveals hidden truths.


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