555: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Richard Scott

Richard Scott-

Richard Scott innate understanding of psychology and use of hypnotic language served him well during his career in advertising, and he continued to hone these skills until his interest in the mind inspired him to embark on a new vocation.

Richard’s formal training in psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy began in earnest, and once qualified, he never looked back.

Turning his attention to helping others, Richard combined psychology, NLP and CBT with traditional and modern hypnosis for the most effective results. He began offering his services at a local charity in his hometown of Scunthorpe, England, and then a small complimentary therapies clinic in Kingston upon Hull.

A unique opportunity saw him open his first clinic on the campus at the University of Hull, where he treated university staff, students and the public alike. He took part in a series of university-based research projects, as well as being involved in training various academic departments, including midwifery, nursing and business enterprise.

Richard Scott then moved onto opening a larger clinic near the university and it was here that his career skyrocketed. His expertise was sought after by those outside England, with some travelling from other parts of Europe to see him. His proven track record began to feature in national media which gained him worldwide acclaim. Clients spanned over 30 countries, including celebrities, sporting champions, royalty, government, Special Forces, esteemed medical practitioners and members of academia.

Richard Scott moved to the east coast of Australia with his family in 2014. He continues to practice his craft internationally and has a calendar of speaking events, podcast and radio appearances scheduled for 2017, including a joint documentary production in the works.


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