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Rene Brent-

Rene Brent is Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an #1 International Bestseller author, International speaker and on faculty as the Director and Instructor for the Orlando Florida Externship Program for The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. (Instituteofhypnotherapy.com)

Rene has been an RN for over 27 years and has worked in ICU, Trauma/ER and Recovery Room. In her experience, she has seen and was inspired by the powerful mind/body connection and how self-awareness and reframing negative thoughts helps all of us heal emotionally and physically.

She had been in private practice in Maitland, Florida for 4 years. She offers private sessions in office or via Skype.

Rene Brent launched her first book How Big Is Your BUT? in June 2016 and it quickly became a #1 International Bestseller and remains an International bestseller. She having a lot of fun sharing her message and empowering audiences.

Rene uses a variety of effective techniques that give her clients the opportunity to gain self- confidence and strength to move forward in their lives. She is passionate about helping her clients change maladaptive behavior, release negative patterns and false beliefs. She helps her clients release blocks and reach their personal and professional goals.

In the last 3 years, Rene has been busy building her private practice, writing a book and teaching. It is important to her to find balance and have some fun in her life. Rene loves to travel and spend time with her 3 children. This last year Rene became an empty nester as her youngest moved out of the country.

Rene got engaged 3.5 years ago to an amazing man. She divorced in 2010 after being married for 20 years. She loves helping people understand with awareness and acknowledging accountability, there is life after divorce.

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