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Randal Wark-

Randal Wark is an award winning Keynote Speaker. He is Yoda for IT Companies. For 5 years, he ran his IT Business from Mexico. Upon his return to Montreal, he sold the business and became an employee for that company. He is the worst employee ever, entrepreneur blood runs through his veins. Two years ago, when he was running on empty emotionally and physically, he walked away to pursue his passion of speaking and writing. Randal has since spoken across Canada, the US and in the UK. He speaks to IT Companies about hacking their growth using Entrepreneurial tricks.


He is starting a new project: wineaboutbusiness.com where small groups of about 8-10 meet to discuss what is blocking them in pursuing a business idea and more importantly, how they can move forward. They will unknowingly participate in a MasterMind sampler with the goal of helping them move forward.

Randal currently resides in Montreal with his supportive wife of 25 years and two wonderfully creative teens.


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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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