234: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Paula Slater

234: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Paula Slater

Paula Slater-

Paula Slater was born and raised in Utica, New York, the youngest of 13 children. Her knowledge of marketing and the trade show industry started early in her childhood, while working in her family’s carwash manufacturing business.

Paula Slater earned an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Travel and Tourism form Herkimer County Community College, and then worked in the tourism industry in Syracuse, New York before relocating to Las Vegas in 1992. In 1994, she joined USA Hosts, a destination management company, and began her work in the special event arena. She later joined Onstage Entertainment, coordinating corporate events, and in 1997 began a successful stint as Director of Marketing for Baskow & Associates, where she created and implemented every aspect of their marketing plan. She was highly instrumental in increasing company profits, and secured some of the firm’s largest accounts, including several Fortune 500 companies.

In 2001, Paula and partner Allison Copening opened Spotlight Creative, Inc., offering marketing, public relations and special event services. In 2002, Paula sold her portion of the company to her partner, but continues to work as an independent marketing and special events consultant.

Paula’s extensive experience culminates in every aspect of marketing, destination management and special events, including database management, advertising, direct cold-call marketing, show production, theme parties and trade show booth development. She continues to fine-tune her marketing and communication skills through memberships with Toastmasters International and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Paula is also a member of the American Marketing Association and Working in Communications.

Paula is not just a survivor but a thriver with an infectiously positive outlook on life who, despite various challenges, has been able to adapt to and overcome, largely without a script, mentor or guidance to lead her. Overcoming and thriving in the aftermath of heartbreak and tragedy has driven Paula and led her to embrace her real purpose on Earth – to share the lessons learned along the way in order to save people the pain, money and frustration she endured. Providing people with a plan and giving them the resources and skills to navigate the difficult issues many are facing or likely to face is what drives Paula. She is mindful of her singular passion – using the difficulties she has triumphed over to help other people choose a life of relentless happiness.


Being the youngest of thirteen children in a catholic family had huge effect on Paula and left an indelible mark on her as a person. Though she often jokes about being a “recoveringCatholic”, the experience of growing up as the baby in such a large family certainly taught her a little about being resilient. Paula has experienced many obstacles, challenges and personal crisis in her life and some of those events have yielded remarkable benefits. Divorce, open heart surgery, stroke and losing a spouse are part of her story but the resilience found to continue moving forward with an infectious, positive, loving perspective is what defines Paula and motivates her to share herself with you and the world.


Her life experience and the tools she has acquired, along with the strategies she has developed to truly overcome the things thrown your way, are what Paula loves to share with people. Her story is one filled sadness, loss, grief and adversity but each of these has provided her with lessons that can enable others to thrive on an even greater scale than Paula herself has. With no help, no direction and no roadmap to dealing with grief, it took Paula eight long years to finally get rid of her late husband’s belongings and move forward, let go and embrace the hopeful life ahead.


After her husband died in a tragic work related accident, Paula was left to pick up the pieces,not only losing her husband but also losing a relationship with her stepson. After her husband’s shocking death, she learned firsthand how grief is a very difficult thing to face alone and there is a better way to approach the aftermath of a loved one’s death than what she experienced. Shortly after her husband died, Paula suffered a debilitating stroke that she is still recovering from. Having already gone through a grueling open heart surgery several years prior, Paula was prepared to overcome another major health scare and add it to the list of obstacles that merely serve to make her stronger and more prepared to help others.

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