505: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Michele Stanford

Michele Stanford-

Michele Stanford is an educator, author, speaker, and health coach whose passion is to guide others into living life nourished, mind, body, and soul.  As a coach, she has several programs designed with those goals in mind.

She is the author of The Balance: Renew Your Mind. Restore Your Health. Refresh Your Soul due out in Spring, 2017.

A former teacher, Michele speaks and educates on the issues surrounding the adulteration of our food supply, the truth about eating whole foods, traditional preparation methods, alternative therapies, and natural remedies.  She is certified by the Institute of Responsible Technology to speak on the horrors of GMOs.

Michele believes that to live a life nourished means to know truth in order to make informed decisions based on those truths, whether issues concerning food and physical health or issues surrounding our personal lives.

She is a certified coach and trainer for the Your Secret Name coaching program designed to help you discover and know your identity in Christ, a piece and very important part of living life nourished!

Living life nourished means nourishing all aspects of life, bathing our hearts and minds in truth and in turn, nourishing our bodies with healing, wholesome foods the way God intended! Join me and let us sojourn together while living life nourished!



Twitter:  @MicheleLLN

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michelestanfordlln

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michele-stanford-LLN

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